miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

Exposición de arte Excellence en Cervera

Próxima Exposición del 27 de junio al 26 de julio en Cervera del Maestre bajo el título "Excellence 01" - EL DRAC en el Maestrazgo
“Excellence” – young and successful art from EuropeSeven at one stroke - EL-DRAC shows current works of seven successful European artists."Young Art needs the opportunity to be exhibited in an international context," says Jo Pellenz, installation artist from Germany, "and EL-DRAC gives me the chance to do so again and again. And with this opportunity, the economic success arises.
“Excellence” stands for young, good and successful art, successful also in the economic sense. In the Casa del Dragón in Cervera del Maestre, this new series of events is another element which fits into the project to show and sell art in Europe."The market is a litmus test for the young art," says Juan Petry, founder of EL-DRAC, "those who survive at the market and sell, are really valued. We show in the new series Excellence artists wh! o have already been valued."Watercolour, drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture - the range is wide as ever. EL-DRAC shows - yet - affordable art, which already has found its collectors.

Place: Casa del Dragón -Calle Las Parras, 19
12578 Cervera del Maestre (Castellon)

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